Video Contents

DAG KNUDSEN’S training gives you a

notably effective approach to BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT which...

  1. BulletPositions You for a Win Before RFP/RFQ is Issued

  2. BulletHelps You Learn Your Clients’ Real Needs

  3. BulletEnables You to Effectively Communicate Your Value

  4. BulletHelps You Win at the Right (Not Necessarily Low) Price

  5. BulletHelps You Control and Manage Your BD Efforts

  6. BulletImproves Your Staff’s BD Effectiveness

  7. You can win by Design and not by Chance when you

  8. apply Dag Knudsen’s Business Development Principles,
    as reflected by the equation:

Proactive Positioning
Selective Pursuits
Persuasive Communication

The DVD-based lectures provide the structure and content to help you implement the proven, practical principles that can dramatically improve the success of your company.

When you proactively pursue selective opportunities and persuasively communicate your value-added, your win rates go up and corporate growth happens.


you will learn how to become strongly positioned as the preferred firm by...

  1. Bulletrunning business development as a project with plans, goals,
    schedules, deliverables, record-keeping and feedback

  2. Bulletanalyzing your clients in order to understand whether you are positioned for a win

  3. Bulletdeveloping focused sales action plans for specific opportunities

  4. Bulletunderstanding how people make decisions and how to use
    this knowledge in your communications

In SELECTIVE PURSUITS you will learn

  1. Bullethow to replace the common, non-productive Go, No-Go decision criteria with a simple, but profound* decision approach.


  1. BulletCommunication barriers hat must be overcome

  2. BulletWhy cue-note type bullet-charts work against you

  3. BulletHow to create an audience-centered message

  4. BulletHow to design and deliver winning interview presentations and proposals

  5. BulletHow to communicate the value of your fee

  6. BulletHow you can apply this knowledge to any technical communication

  7. * “profound” as stated by Dag’s clients

  8. If we don’t understand what is important
    to the client, our extensive preparation is
    for naught.❞
    —Seminar participant after learning
    what to communicate, and how.

Download the Facilitator Guide and the sales brochure and you will find a comprehensive description of the videos available on these DVDs.


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